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Why use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Products?

Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are designed to Mercedes-Benz specifications for Mercedes-Benz Vans. Time and again, independent test prove that they last longer and work harder*, helping your business maximise vehicle uptime and performance and reducing the cost of maintenance over the long term. Buy once, buy well. Buy Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Non-genuine parts might look the same. They might even have been manufactured in the same factory. But a part without our stamp on it, will not have been designed and stringently tested as part of a whole vehicle system, ensuring that is performs in harmony with the rest of your van.

4 reasons for using Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

Proven to work harder for longer*, saving your business money and minimising downtime
2-year unlimited mileage warranty including labour – double the warranty of most non-OE parts
Reduce labour time – Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are faster and easier to fit
Technically superior – we invest over £4.63 billion in Research & Development each year


GenuineParts: genuinely better

Because businesses can’t afford to stop, Mercedes-Benz invests over £4.6 billion a year in R&D to minimise downtime and keep businesses moving. See how every single part in a Mercedes-Benz Van is precisely engineered to work in harmony with the next, tested to the limits and proven to outperform the competition*, to deliver outstanding value for money.


GenuineParts brake pads

See how our team of engineers in Germany spent 4 years crafting the perfect braking system for Mercedes-Benz Vans. Independent tests prove that Mercedes-Benz brake pads work harder for longer, proving more resistant to wear and maintaining their friction coefficient better than the competition*. The business benefit? Safer brakes that need replacing less often.

GenuineParts air filters

Replacing seemingly insufficient parts with non-OE imitations could lead to significant consequences for the performance of your van and your business. See how only Mercedes-Benz air filters are designed to ensure optimal air flow for the sensors in Mercedes-Benz Vans, and why making a small saving fitting an inferior filter could cost you time and money.


GenuineParts bumpers

Light enough to maximise fuel efficiency, strong enough to protect engine parts from damage in a collision, flexible enough to protect customers in a collision. See how finding and then testing the perfect material for the Mercedes-Benz bumper took a team of engineers 3 years – and how its millimetre – precise aerodynamics design could save businesses money.

Reman GenuineParts: Savings without compromise

Not reconditioned, not refurbished… Fully remanufactured to our stringent quality standards, to keep businesses moving for less and warranty including labour.


Save time and money – use GenuineOil

Poor fuel efficiency, loss of performance and even total engine failure can all be attributed to using an incorrect or inferior lubricant, which is why we recommend Mercedes-Benz GenuineOil for all our vans.

Developed specifically for Mercedes-Benz Vans, our technically advanced GenuineOil neutralises harmful acids in your engine that would otherwise prematurely age it through corrosion, solidification of fluids or clogged filters. Used in conjunction with our next-generation exhaust after-treatment systems, GenuineOil significantly reduces pollutant emissions.

*In independent tests against leading competitors. Wiperblades Tested in accordance with the testing standard VWB–10016– in accordance with Mercedes-Benz specifications and the universally applicable SAEJ903 standard.
Brakes testing information from †TMD Friction Deizisau / August 2012

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